Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This past Saturday was National Scrapbook Day, which is a big holiday in my work world.  All independents prepare for a big event to promote the holiday and create turnover. 

Shortly before I took the job at American Crafts (before I realized it was an option actually) I went to an all day 'Crop till you Drop.' I scrapbooked for 12+ hours.  I met the neatest ladies too--we talked and shared ideas.  Although I was the youngest there by 20+, it didn't hold me back a bit.

Since I've taken the job, I haven't scrapbooked one bit--sad story. I'm inundated with product though that's for sure.  

So on National Scrapbook day, I made a 'inner agreement' with myself to scrapbook this ENTIRE month.

This is how I see it.

Drew starts his internship at the start of next month which is going to create heartache of absence.  So this month, we're just going to live it up. Every night is a big deal. Date night aren't just once a week--they're virtually every day. 

I'm taking a camera to the Real game tomorrow in fact.  I take those games for granted because we've been going for a while. But not this month. Maybe one day I'll look back and love it.   Plus, it's an exciting month jammed pack with traveling adventures. Remember my post bout it? 

My first page of this month's scrapbook will be a calender page where I give a short description of each day.  

Last summer, as a fresh newlywed, Andrew went to a boys scout high adventure as a supervisor. He was gone for 5 days. I was bummed and sick about it. I scrapbooked that week away which help soothe the wound.

I imaging next month as I do the same, surely it will help. 

So don't mind me if you see my with my camera everywhere I go like the paparazzi.  

One more thing.... my scrapbooks have their own style for sure. But I love getting ideas elsewhere and observing other people's layouts.  I have plenty of references these days to do so. But this one will of course be my go to. 

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