Sunday, June 7, 2009

Congrats Roger Federer...

to his Career Grand Slam Championship. AND to his classy self who said the following about his wife:

"She helped me considerably, as a person. I developed faster, grew faster with her. Thanks to her I was very calm in the important moments in my career. She is always supportive. I owe her a lot."

They've been together since before he was a huge deal. She was a tennis player herself in fact. I love the TV showing clips of her in the stands. You can just tell that there is more to their relationship than the glamour.

Andre Agassi presenting the trophy today was perfectly appropriate considering he was the last to join the Career Grand Slammers. I'm a huge fan of both by way of my family's passionate tennis ways.


LP & TP said...

I LOVE R-FED and his gorgeous wife. I totally agree .... with your whole POST! They are an amazing couple..and isn't he just the best.. Humble.. calm...confident..modest ..relaxed...easy going teNNIS plAYER ever?!?!?! AHH I just love him..and how he presents himself on the court and off . I hope you and your HUSby are doing great... Trent and I miss seein you around. I am sorry I haven't posted anything FOREver!! Why should I when I just get to read all your great posts!!!!?? :) :)

Pierce and Stacy said...

Pierce and I have been in Puerto Rico all summer for an internship I am doing with an Ad Agency here in San Juan, doing Public Relations. We live with my parents, right on the beach. We've been here for six weeks and we have two or three more to go.

Then we'll be back in Utah and I'll graduate in December.

So, that is why we are in Puerto Rico. And why I'm working 40 hour weeks- instead of going to the beach everyday. Pierce is tan, I'm not. :)

Love you!

Rachel Ricchio said...

did you see that guy run onto the court while he was playing? the poor guy was practically attacked...all for some stupid hat!