Saturday, June 6, 2009

Honoring D-Day...

Today we honor the 65th anniversary of D-day. It's hard to believe that within the next 10-15 years, all the veterans would have passed. Many dead and few alive, we honor what they did for us all. My grandpa was one of the honorable ones might I add.

Years of history classes couldn't prepare me well enough for the Normandy experience. It was a treat to be there on the 60th anniversary. My eyes were opened. It was tender to be there among so many veterans--many which were returning for the first time. We were walking on sacred ground.

Never have I seen the media so respectful and old folk so emotional. From my experience, veterans don't speak freely and talk openly about their experiences. It's a hard thing to do and a very tender thing at that.

There was so much to take in, I only soaked up a bit. But every year this time, I remember. & I will forever be grateful to my parents for exposing me to Normandy.

It was neat to see all the veterans walking around and finding some of their friends a people within the same troop. I remember talking to a parachuter who was the only one that live out of his ground. My uncle recognized the troop number and knew their story.

Uncle Curt and I on Normandy Beach. We couldn't have gotten around without his French and skills to get around.

Reenactment of the parachuters. It was an amazing thing to see. Dad was taking it all in.

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Rachel Ricchio said...

i love that you got to see all of that! i have so much patriotism and respect for those serving our country. love being american.