Monday, June 29, 2009

I Run To You...

my absolute favorite song right now. Listen here. I've listened to it on replay today at least 20 times. The video is adorable. & i just think of my husband who the absolute best...

This world keeps spinning faster
Into a new disaster so I run to you
I run to you baby
And when it all starts coming undone
Baby you’re the only one I run to
I run to you
The words could hit home more. In a chaotic world all around us with changing truths and standards, I cling to the constancy of my husband.
So I run to you...


nichole said...

LOVE this song! thanks for sharing... it will be on my itunes in two minutes.

any more recommendations?

kate said...

Just listened to the song. Love it. Going on my yellow i-pod for sure. Thanks for helping me love country.

Whitney Elizabeth said...

I love running to this song in the makes me think of my wedding day thats not for another 325 days. What was I thinking???
Miss you!