Monday, June 22, 2009

A slew of weekend pictures...

Nothing beats family and close friends you just call family. This weekend was all about that. There was 50+ of us. A variety of activities were going on in every direction--riding horses, fishing, hiking, board games, wiffle ball, relaxing, cooking, building forts in the hay, and the list continues.

I only captured a few highlights.

I had such a good time walking/talking with my cousin Lori. She is student body pres of her school of 2,000. I admire her ways so much.
What a lovely surprise to find uncle and cousins along the way.

The top of the bench was beautiful. We herded the cows by foot--literally. It got interesting when we split the herd.

When I was younger, my brother, sister and I used to hook our belt loops to the horse walker and turn it on--didn't end well when a belt loop broke and someone got a concussion. It was cute to see everyone running around. Please don't overlook little Dixon holding on for dear life too. His daddy was there to catch him.

Cute nieces getting ready to ride. They spent a bulk of the weekend building forts in the barn with the guys.

My adorable husband who came in for the weekend--40 hours to be exact. He's so handsome--can't get enough!

A mad wiffle game in the front yard. Did not stop for rain delays either. Andrew ended up with grass stains from head to toe.

All the way from Louisiana, the Penas who we love and adore. Coral is just the dearest friend.
My cousin is headed to Michigan for his 2 year mission. He is so impressive. I loved soaking up his goodness and hearing about his successes.
One day we were wearing sweatshirts and the next we were sheading layers.


Silly Lily said...

I met Lori at your wedding! She was so cute.

Dayna said...

looks like you had a great time. those pictures made me want to jump right in and join you.

todd said...

I didn't know you had a blog! so fun! i loved all the ranch pics. we had a great time with ya'll. hope to see you soon!