Monday, June 1, 2009

What a Weekend--Part 1
After a 4 year courtship, Courtney & Christian were married in the Washington DC temple. It was such a treat to be apart of all the wonderful festivities. It came and went so fast. But I enjoyed every minute of it.
Not only did my mom and sister come out for it, but also Drew's mother and sisters . It made the occasion all the better having family there to celebrate it.

Mom & Helen working the fl orals.

Loved the train draped over her arm and the low side bun.

Paige had her 3 week old in a 'Moses Basket.' It was adore able. Forget the car seat holder... carry a basket!

Amazing shot of my sister in laws. Love em!

Props to the band. Amazing! The singers were incredible as well. When Court and Christian left we kept dancing. The singers came out on the floor. It was impressive.

Cutler was a highlight of the wedding for sure. He didn't flinch at the commotion all around him.

Beautifully displayed

The best looking guy at the wedding just so happened to be my husband.

Flower girls with flower wreaths in their hair

Courtney's sisters~I admire them all so much. They are the best mothers!


Pierce and Stacy said...

That first picture with Court and the bridesmaids, I was thinking... where is Mary Martha? I found you, everyone was the same size and I couldn't see you!

Cute pictures! And of course they are a beautiful couple.

whitney said...

What a great weekend! I could cry just thinking about it. Court looked absolutely beautiful. It was great seeing you and Andrew.

Silly Lily said...

It was such a fun weekend! I loved it and I love you!

Rachel Ricchio said...

looked like so much fun! you all looked gorg!

TeamWatkins said...

The wedding was so lovely! These pics just make you miss you and Court more than ever! It's been too long! I am coming to UT for a week in July and I hope to see you! You looked so tiny in all those pics! How do you stay in such fab shape with your busy job? Truly, you are amazing!