Friday, July 3, 2009

20 things--Just in case you wanted to know...

1. I don't do the whole TV thing--especially the reality TV shows that hold your time hostage.

2. I'm a crazy picture taker with big scrapbooking aspirations.

3. Due to inexperience I wore way too much makeup on my wedding day. It still gets me.

4. I'm not on the Apple bandwagon--Ipod, IPhone, or computer. No thanks!

5. In large part I'm driven by goals and to-do lists. I love them!

6. At the start of every year one of my goals is to wear makeup consistently. It never lasts.

7. I truly believe I can beat ANYONE in a game of horse in my driveway on my b-ball goal.

8. I watch Larry King when I'm at the gym. So maybe I do TV...

9. I always feel the need to get more organized.

10. I like to sing even though I'm not good at it.

11. I prefer early mornings. & i think sleeping is overrated even though it is very important.

12. I often find myself talking about having a 'career change.' There are some things I feel like I need to do--more info later. Then I realize I don't really have a career, just a job.

13. People think my 'kid names' are odd. I think they're narrow minded.

14. I was an annual student who didn't put studies or class work off. I couldn't sleep if I wasn't prepared for a quiz/test. But I actually wished I could of relaxed a bit more with school.

15. I loved school! & I love work. But I wish I would have double majored. Or gotten into grad school. That one was out of my control though.

16. If someone were to ask me to pinpoint one of my greatest blessings, I'd have to saw 'tearing my ACL' weird enough. Between basketball and school my days were so set and booked with everything I had to do. My life was so planned out and I wasn't looking right or left. When I tore my ACL it allowed for other things to come into my life--such as a boyfriend who became my lover/husband--and taught me to be more flexible yet embracing what comes way.

17. I love to go to rodeos but don't generally enjoy going to the movies--unless if it's to spend time with people I love.

18. I saw a bear on a horseback ride up Walsburg Canyon here in Utah just two summers ago. & when I announced it in 'good news minute' my bishop said there weren't any bears up that way. So you're calling me a liar?

19. Every time I see sunglasses in a store, I feel the need to have another pair. It's like every time I need some I don't have them. So I always need a pair?

20. I love my husband so much--I sometimes have to hold back the urge of yelling it out.


Rachel Ricchio said...

i LOVE #16 it's so amazing to me how things happen, #18...HILARIOUS , and #20.

Julianne said...

loved that... a good read.

Dayna said...

OK I too have to say I TOO LOVE 16 because you told me the whole story once at the gym and I thought it was so amazing- one you will definitely have to share with your offspring- and I LOVE #18 too- had me make a quick laugh at loud. How funny!!!

Dayna said...

loved the list...except the APPLE ONE! You are truly missing out girl! Apple products are AMAZING!

TeamWatkins said...

Why is it that the more I read your blog the more I miss you?! This blog only reminded me of how much we have in common...I have to agree with #'s 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 13, 14, & 17. And I only wish I had a face like yours so I could get away with no makeup or that I could beat anyone in the world at horse...even Cooper shoots better than me on the his kiddie hoop.

Chance and Angela Olson said...

This made me miss you! Hope all is well--I've been so busy, but I need to call you soon!

Chioma said...

What are your kid names?

Mary said...

I have to wear make up all the time! But I do wish I could look like a "lady" more often! My husband sees me too much in pjs!