Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moment in time...

The other day I was streaming Michael Jackson's memorial on my computer while trying to get some work done, when my husband sent me a text relaying that hundreds were gathered in Times Square watching the memorial live on the big screens.

It was one of those moments where all of the sudden, time stood still.

Despite being thousands of miles apart, I cherished the moment realized that one day I'll look back at this time and think that 'those were indeed the days.' Really? Even when I'm exhausted from weekend travels to see my husband and I have trouble sleeping at night when I'm without him?

I just realized that being a working women is really special. I'm excited to have a family but this time with 'just the two of us' is really special.

My husband is having the best experience with ESPN and gets to work in the heart of the city. I was shocked last weekend when he showed me where his office was. I just assumed on Times Square which extends out to be a long demographic. I get my TV shows mixed up but I think he said the Today Show or Good Morning is right underneath him so he has that pedestrian traffic in the morning. He didn't seem too thrilled about it. But he is right there. And although its no big deal to him, I couldn't help but think how special.

& we've got family surrounding us that loves us and is truly there for us. Provided the memorial was playing, I couldn't help but think that we wouldn't always have them. There is truly nothing better than family at the fingertips.

And although life is hard and we have our struggles and aches, thank goodness! They shape and define us for these tender moments where our hearts our hearts are overwhelmed remembering all we have to be grateful for.


Chance and Angela Olson said...

well said...miss you girl! i'm going to call you on one of my commute drives when i start work in a little bit! hope all is well! I think about ya mucho!

Mary said...

agreed! Very well written!