Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sun + H2O=

(I really hate to be the next person to blog about baithing suits...)

I've been wanting a real nude or gold suit for a while. I found this with Mod Retro Indie clothing. But of course, sold out!

Not sure how this one would fit. It was a random vintage suit from Urban Outfitters--not mass produced though.
Did you know Country Living featured some suits? New to me... Cute suit though. I'm all about coverage around the bottom.
I've never really liked 2 pieces--it's more about the body then the suit it seems. As hard as tall 1 pieces are to find, I've managed just fine, and never thought about doing differently. Until I saw this one... I really like it!


Mary said...

Love the bluish green one! That is so gorgeous!

Dayna said...

oooo i really like these too. very cute. and hold up... do you really have mono???

ps. if you arent sick-and will be around- jayne's baby blessing is next sunday if you want to come i'd love for you to be there!

Lorie said...

oh my, the navy one is to die for! i love the gold one too. did you end up getting any of them? are they tankini separates or a one piece? if you find a fabulous one piece that fits long bodies let me know!

Natalie's Life said...
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