Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'd like you to meet...

~Mary Teeter~

She is an 88 year old lady who is responsibly for the beautiful art below. Her husband does the distressed framing from old wood. They live in rural Pennsylvania on a farm.

Her creative artwork--inspirational at that--is amazing. I saw her art in Aztec West as I was browsing around Sun Valley a couple weeks ago.

The great thing about art is that different styles and pieces speak differently to each individual. I connected with this work from the moment I saw it. Of course, I gave it a day before I made a decision. Andrew came back with me as a sound mind.

We walked away with our first piece(s) of art. I don't have pics of them yet but I'll post them a bit later.

You can go to her site here. The perennial pieces are the ones she re-produces every year. And then every year she produces new pieces as well.

Here is a few of her many.

It is hard to really grasp it with an image of course. But she uses different fabrics on a soft backing and then outlines and writes the wording with a thick stiching. The buttons are more intricate than they seem. I love the colored stiching holding down the buttons.
No two pieces are alike. That is why I don't want to post pics of mine that aren't actually mine becuase the fabrics are different.


Mary said...

these are so lovely!

Whitney Elizabeth said...

I like the cartwheel one the best.
i miss you. hope to see you in Utah next month

Dayna said...

I can't believe she is 88!!!! SUPER CUTE! I can't wait to see how those two look in your house!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Those are AWESOME. You must post pictures of yours!

Chioma said...

My family friends have one of her pieces. it's so great!

Giveahandup said...

She is not 88 years old far from it