Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nothing more beautiful....

the a Palomino Paint. I just love them. They are rare in find. I can probably count how many I've seen in my lifetime. Everything I do so, I consider it a good omen.

A Palomino is one beautiful thing--we (the fam) had an irreplaceable one for over 20 years. But a Palomino Paint presents a completely different beauty I think.

This one is out in a lonely field on the way up to Andrew's cabin. I'm always finding her on our drive there. Recently, she was standing close enough to get a pic. She is usually a spec in the distance. On top of her beauty, she was so kind. She nuzzled her way for some rubs on her face. I adore her.



Martha Dawn said...

Her face is sweet. It reminds me of Eileen. She also makes me think of Baby--they have the same coloring! LOVE YOU!!!!

Harold said...

Horses. Moments in Time...The Glory Ride!