Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Bash at the Beach House...

My Uncle Curt turned 50 and gave us all a reason to celebrate. So we headed to my grandparents beach house for a quick 2 day weekend to enjoy the fun.

Bonita Beach is more beauituful than you can imagine. It is far from touristic. This private beach is very well kept--without the high rises of people packed in like sardines. I took a two hour walk on Saturday morning just soaking up the sun and the calmness of the beach. I saw multiple turtle nests along my walk with little orange flags surrounding warning people to stay clear of harming it. And right before I got back to the house, I saw a manatee close by in the water. I couldn't get my tennis shoes off quick enough. I was in there.

It's common to see dolphins swimming along the beach. But they're always on the go in a straight line. You more just see their fin bobbing in and out as they pass along the shore line. Manatee are different. They don't have the fin to give you a warning that they are near. You see them when they are close--the blow hole scares the mess out of me cause its loud. But if you swim to them they relocate. If you're chilling on a raft, they come right up to you. I've touched one before at Bonita Beach. This time I was too aggressive with going towards them. However, when I was treading along talking to my uncle, one came oh so close (about 10 feet). I adore the manatee! My dream is to swim up close and personal with them. But that's a tangent...

I enjoyed being with t my mom's side of the family for the weekend. There was about 40 of us there. My uncle had friends from college and fellow employees come in from all over. I didn't know at age 50 you could have so many friends.

Sitting at the huge round table.
The original crew. It wasn't complete without Heber and Andrew but special to be with the fam for sure. My husband visited my brother in law for the weekend in Houston. They had their own fun.
My mom & dad and David. He played basketball with my uncle at Purdue. He lives in France now and came all this way to honor Curt. When I graduated from high school, he toured my parents and I around Southern France--Monaco and Cains area. The best travel there is, is seen with a local.

My grandparents have great taste. My grandmother has collected old booies that have washed up in her backyard and she strings them for decoration--so beautiful!


Martha Clawson Abell said...

That was such a great weekend! Thanks for coming. Thanks for reliving the memory. There are 7 sibs in the Clawsom family and we get together when each one turns 50for a special dinner. I love my sibs!!!!

Dayna said...

sounds like a fun trip!!

Whitney Elizabeth said...

How fun. Nothing is better than vacay at the beach. You, Helen, and Harold could be triplets, you look so much alike.
miss you!

Rachel Ricchio said...

love it! mar that house is AMAZING. love it!