Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting organized...

has never felt better. Andrew and I gave away 5 trash bags full of clothes recently. It was such a good feeling to dump the excess out of our life. I'm on a cleansing kick. & it's such a good feeling.

Giving away clothes isn't the most natural thing for me to do I must add. This sounds terrible, but I really do get so attached to my clothes. I often associate an outfit with a great experience. For example, I remember what I was wearing when I first met Drew. & Andrew gave away the Cords that he was wearing when we first dated, and I partially wanted to keep them because I have such fond memories of him wearing them.

Needless to say, I'm getting more organized. It's an evolving thing though and a void never truly filled.
'8 day notepad'-- The 8th day 'Someday' is just what I love for scheduling.
I recently received these few things from See Jane Work.

This is a great start for sorting and sifting through the many papers lingering at home.

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