Saturday, September 26, 2009

One man's junk is another man's treasure...

I was working in Texas all week and had the luxury of spending two nights in Houston with my sister.  When I'm on work errand, it's all work no play. But rather than coming home to Utah on Friday night after some meetings, I stayed an extra night to have some time with my sis. By the end of the week, not only am I exhausted but I'm missing Andrew like mad. So my flight was to leave out mid Saturday afternoon.  

All week Helen and I talked about what we were going to do in the narrow bit of time we had together. We had a full days activities planned for just a few short hours--run, antique hop, go to a fine China shop, take the kids to a museum, go swim, and the list continues. 

Of course, we managed to do just 1 of them all. And oh was it a blast. A memory to hold on to and add to in the years to come. My sister admitted that ever since she's lived in Houston, she's noticed and even clipped out in the newspaper about the local estate sales that take place. She discovered a 'gold mine' and so we went.  

We casually arrived anxious to see some of the goodies spoken about here. As you can see this dear old lady had costume jewelry to no end. And old china, silver, and much more. But when we got there 15 minutes after the opening, there was a line headed out the driveway. We waited showing no promise of us getting in any time soon. So we walked up to the windows and hoovered peaking at what they had to offer. People in the inside of the house were just waving at us. We only wished we were them at that moment... 

Maybe it was best we didn't get in, the silver platted stems and the gold and yellow hand painted china was just too much to handle even from afar. 

So we continued on our way realizing we didn't have enough time to wait in that long line. We saw some treasures and that was just good enough. 

So we hopped on over to another "estate sale" which was an absolute bomb. Let me clarify for yall... estate sales are when professional come in to manage and display. The junk in the yard is a garage sale. barf!

Needless to say, I enjoyed being with me sister. It was special to have some time together. I look forward to out next hunt. I will come better prepared next time. 

My sister has the best taste for antiques. I follow her lead of this one... An old wooden high chair. I love it!  Meanwhile, I'm still hunting down a good card catalog furniture piece. 

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