Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Mary Teeter's...

After this post, I realized I never showed you my pieces. I adore these so much.

I found another lady who had a similar experience with her 'Mary Teeter.' Read about it here. She has a great image showing how intricate they really are.

There are some really cute vintage buttons that are hard to see too. Sometime I just stare and find a new one I really love.

"Obviously we have plenty of buttons in our lives and are enjoying the absurdity of sewing them on fiber for a new purpose- to make people smile." ~Mary Teeter


Julianne said...

I love these! They're beautiful... thanks for posting them!

Dayna said...

wow it is really really darling. REALLY. that is definitely something you will not fall out of love with. what a keepsake. i love it!

Dayna said...

Mary- the table one you have- where did you get it? i would love to get that same one for my in-laws for christmas as a group gift from all the kids.