Saturday, October 10, 2009

"If you don't like the way the game is played...

just change the rules." Along with this message I received this pic the other day.  My parents are big ridders back home. For the most part we stay on the levee that lines the river close to home and the barn. But sometimes, we would get off the beaten path and canter in the open spaces--the parks and edge of the public golf course. The local park, where we have left our tracks, came out with a sign about a year ago that showed 'no horses allowed.' It was targeted to my family 100%.  I laugh every time I drive by and see it.  

So when I saw that my dad was pushing the envelope recently, I couldn't help but smile. 


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Martha Abell said...

Those were the "good ole days" when we could ride in the park! We were out riding with nephew Todd Henderson who was visiting from Utah. I LOVE your blog MM.