Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Style of the South...

Whether I live in the South or not, there is one thing I can sure hold on to reminding me and keeping me connected to my roots. My sister does it just right.  

If it's not a jon-jon monogrammed with initials, then it's smocked with the corresponding season or occasion.

And if it's not smocked, then it's a bubble suit 
And if it's not a bubble suit, then it has a peter pan collar. Maybe even with some knee high socks and saddle shoes. 


These were my Nephew's Easter outfits in Houston's blue bonnet fields. 


Pierce and Stacy said...

My mom used to smock for us. All our dresses and favorite outfits. I loved that about my mom. I'm not that creative to do it myself, but I love that style. It's true, it is a southern thing. I want my babies' blessing outfits to be like those, smocked and embroidered and all! Perfect Mary.

Ana Lee said...

Cute. So I thought you were from the East not the South? I guess I was wrong. I guess that just means we need to hang out more so I can get to know you better! :)

Coral said...

Mary they are sooo cute!!!I just adore those little boys!!!!love you!

Rachel Ricchio said...

i totally remember your nephew wearing the top white outfit one day (i think at your wedding maybe?) and my thinking, "wow, only the abells could pull something like that off." he was honestly the cutest boy i have ever seen and you have to keep up that tradish.