Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Double Take...

Photos that make you look twice and either tweak a memory or inspire you in some sort of way.

I'd love to collect teapots. If I only knew I had the room and space to display like this I might begin doing so.
Pic by Swannee

So neat!
Reblogged from Britnay Barnes and then Abby Sharp and now me.

I keep coming back to this retro swim look. I really love it.

I'm so doing this!
Found randomly online--Keith Davis's sister

Florals and more florals
Pic by Phil Newton

I like the way she dresses--bright pics.
Reblogged from Abby Sharp's Most Beautiful Darling

Counter Candy

I would do my stairs like this. Maybe a blue or even a multi. We'll see~

Got to love the long sleeve wedding dresses full of lace.
I got a lot of these from Abby Sharp's collection. She compiles great phtography.


Pierce and Stacy said...

I thought you said, "I'm doing this," as in you are pregnant and are doing that currently. Wooo... You scared me! :) We have to plan these things together.

Ana Lee said...

I love your blog posts. You are so creative and have such amazing things to share with the world.