Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweater Clock...

I just love these handspun clocks from the Shetland Islands. One would be perfect for a baby room one day. Meanwhile, it would look lovely in my room too.

Andrea Williamson is really talented. I emailed her intersted in some of the other things she has made and she was very prompt in getting back to me. See her here.

Can you guess which one I have?
I must say that they are even grander and more intricate than they look here. The knit is mounted on a wood base. I wasn't expecting it to work too--just takes a battery.


mom said...

Pretty sure the horses? Love you!

Dayna said...

those are beautiful. how do you find out about all these cute and creative things??

i had no idea which one was yours until i saw your moms comment about the horses. makes sense! thats my guess too.

Mary Martha said...

I actually got the blue one. I didn't like the white back of the horse one. sorry!