Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coco before Chanel...

As my grandmother would say, "I just returned from the loveliest picture show." Her line is perfectly appropriate because I feel like I was in a movie that she could repect for her time. We had to drive to Salt Lake where it's playing in this old artsy theater that doesn't carry any Hollywood shows. I enjoy the old fashion syle movie and theater for a change. And my sweet husband was such a trooper to take me and fill me in on the subtitles when I couldn't read them fast enough (it's all in French). See the preview here.

I'm especially interested in the life of Coco. This summer when I was killing time in Barnes and Noble, I came across a great briography of her. She represents so much more than Chanel as we know it today. She is a pioneer for fashion. And a go getter at that.
When Andrew and I started dating, I was reading a book called "Women of Commitment." I'll never forget Andrew's tone when he asked if I was a women's activist. "Like a 'she-man'?" No, I'm not a she-man. But I admire women with a gumption to go and do and accomplish with limitless potentail.


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