Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Professional Bull Riding

We had the best time at the PBR this last weekend in Vegas. I've been to quite a few rodeos in my time, but never a PBR.  I have so many thoughts. Rather than coming up with an eloquent way to say it, I'm just going to spit it out--with a list. I love lists. 

- It blows my mind how some of the bull riders wear a cowboy hat over a helmet or caged front helmet. The bulls hoof gets inches from knocking them out cold. I just don't get it. Maybe it's a cowboy thing.

- Rodeo's and bull riding events have got to be one of the most patriotic events you can attend. The opening part of the event included the National Anthem and singing America, the Beautiful.  So many flags... & a prayer too.  I refuse to go political on my blog, but it was refreshing to be around people embracing the great country we are native to without whining about change. 

- The country folk are conservative--getting back to the basics.

- I learn something new every time I attend a rodeo/PBR. This time I learned that the bull rider's spurs don't have the rolling balls. They wouldn't be able to clinch and dig into the bull as well to hold on. makes sense... 

- Let's be honest... We're all there to see a little blood. 

- The crowd is part of the entertainment. They dance and have a good time. There isn't a standard either of your supposed to dress or what is acceptable. Everyone is there just being themselves. The event attracts all sorts of different people.

- I just love how the cowboys tip their hat after a ride. 

- I noticed a correlation between the ferociousness of the bull with the size of his horns. The bulls without horns didn't get the same hype. This might be extreme but just something I noticed at my first PBR. 


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Suzie and Chadd said...

Your totally right! We went to the temple tonight and pondered that decision and felt really good about it. So for the last 3 months before Chadd graduates we are going to move our stuff into storage and move in w/ chadds parents!! =) It will be a fun adventure!! And he will get to do some really good rotations in Idaho and meet some more docs.