Wednesday, December 2, 2009

20 things about my lover...

1. Sometimes at night when I can’t fall asleep, I’ll say ‘Tell me a story.’ Andrew says, ‘Do you want a childhood story, mission story, or made up story?” He proceeds from there.

2. Prefers Gatorade over water

3. Collects soccer jerseys.

4. Andrew is a very ‘efficient driver.’ It makes me visibly nervous at times and he claims, “I’m a New Yorker."

5. He adores his nieces and nephew--going to be a great daddy.

6. Reminisces about his mission in London often...holds his experiences there dear to his heart.

7. Sportcenter makes for good ‘background music’ when he studies or working on homework at his desk.

8. I love how he is proactive about getting his hair cut. Before I even notice, he will recognize it is ‘long’ and get an appointment. I love that my husband is so clean cut.

9. Takes the lead with planning a date night each week.

10. Super supportive of all my interests and desires. For example: We went to 4 different Anthropolgies in the past 1 week’s time. He never complained. Just simply found the couch and settled until I was done looking around.

11. He takes the initiative to call my grandmother occasionally and say hello. She loves him too!

12. He assumes the best in people and is quick to give another the benefit of the doubt. His love for others takes precedence over another’s fallacy, anger, or shortcoming. He really elevates me here by encouraging me to do the same.

13. I don’t think I’ve checked the mail once since we were married. Okay, this past summer I did because he was absent. But he is quick to check the mail on his way back to campus. Small thing. But for me who really doesn’t like to check the mail, it’s so wonderful.

14. He likes to eat out as much as I do. I go on spurts where I plan and cook a good bit and then other droughts where I feel like eating out because work is over my head and the last thing I want to do is cook. He is flexible either way—never complains about it.

15. He calls me periodically throughout the day to check up on me at work. I’m dependent on his calls before his classes and when he gets out. The intervals really break up my day nicely.

16. He’s never questioned a manicure or pedicure or suggested that we could save up in that department.

17. He wears Timberlands and Redwing boots. So hot!

18. When I’m on the road for work, he talks me to sleep at night on the phone.

19. I talk in my sleep a ton. Andrew loves quoting me and telling me all about it when I wake up. He finds it so amusing.

20. I'm infatuated with his good looks. The end!


Rachel Ricchio said...

i love that he is the sweetest person (next to you) in the world and i love hanging out with you both....and i may or may not have a crush on the both of you.

amandatimoteo said...

I really loved this. I think it is neat to hear about how other couples relationship is. What a great idea for a blog.

Mekelle said...

Love this post! So cute :)

Whitney Elizabeth said...

I like #19...I remember a few times running to put my ear to your door so I could hear you talking in your sleep. Ok that just seems creepy now? sorry.

Maybe I'll see you this weekend!

theparkernewlyweds said...

So cute!! I love how much you love my Cousin, But we love you just as much Mary!

Dayna said...

cute. i love this post. you both are both amazing people and i really admire you guys. i like #2. steve is the same exact way. gatorade bottles are just overflowing our recycle bin.

Rachel Ricchio said...

i totally could see your baby shower like this....

i just want to be invited.

Mary Martha said...

oh yeah, Rach. Let's do it in Africa too. And your the hostess, right? ha! & no I'm not pregnant peeps.

shelby said...

i love this!