Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harold vs. Carras

I come from a strong blood line of tennis players. I've kind of broke the mold with that one--I don't like picking up the tennis balls.  But my brother... amazing!

In fact, Harold has won 4 straight years of the intramural championship at BYU.  Yep, he's got 4 of the coveted intramural championship shirts.

He played some D-1 transfers too that were playing intramurals.  Intense!

And then we've got Carras, my brother-in-law who is quite a player himself. He dominates at the family tourney in Sun Valley each year.  He plays with a ton of power. 

He won a state championship at Fairview High in Boulder, CO.  Andrew and I had heard of the 'coveted pic' that still hangs at the high school.  Since we're close by, we had to go and see. 

We were rolling.  Good ole 1993.  The bandanna is a classic.

Coming full circle... the questions is "Who do you put your money on?"

I'm with Harold. Sorry Carras!

Cowboy Up!

Last weekend my mom and dad were in town. It's always so nice to have them here.

Dad, Harold, Nat, Drew, & I went on one of the funnest rides ever.  We found a group of 9 elk and followed them. It was nice to get off a trail and adventure out a bit.  We almost had a rodeo a couple times too. 

My husband was a natural on Satin Paint.  I love that he is getting so good. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don’t let the very thing you love be the very thing you hate.

This was some of the best advice I was given before I got married—from my lovely sister in fact.

One of the very things I loved about my husband was how sporty he was. He loves watching and following ALL sports.

I loved that! Without being meatsy about it, he is as sporty as they come. And I just love it.

Although I’d rather the TV be off sometimes, I’m not going to let the ‘very thing that I love, be the very thing I hate.’

The other night, as my husband and my brother were glued to sports center, I embrace it. In fact, I love it.

Let's hear it for Andrew...

who just finished the toughest semester ever. He was fully loaded with some hard stressful classes. He studied around the clock and gave whatever it took--model example of hard work.


He just got an offer for his summer internship. He'll be in NYC for the summer with ESPN doing research and analysis. I think he said they were going to assign him to some various projects outside of that specific department as well. Sounds adventurous to me...

The guy he interviewed with said they revive over 20,000 applicants for internships and they fill about 60 positions between the Bristol and NYC offices. So you go Drew!

He's been pursuing this internship for a few months. So I'm glad it came full circle for him at last.

Technologically Savvy...

is a great way to describe my husband. & this is where I truly lack. So I appreciate his skills.

He can fix just about anything when it comes to electronics while I don't even bother to give it a try.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In honor of Earth day...

I'm wearing my new eco friendly dress (with pockets) from here.

& getting excited about watching this movie with my mom & dad. Ever since I saw the review months ago, I've been so excited.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Month of May...

I have a monster calendar in my office that is fairly detailed with whats up in my life. I pretty much have my work trips planned out through August.

But I just turned the page and realized everything going on in May. It's worth blogging about...

Drew and I leave for Colorado this Sunday for work (he gets to come with me!). We go straight from there to San Antonio--Angela's wedding! Then we come back to Salt lake for a couple weeks before I go to Wisconsin for 5 days. Drew will be going to NY that week for his mom's graduation. I'll be joining them that weekend straight from Wisconsin. And then I come back to work in Utah for a few days before we go to DC for Courtney's wedding.

What a month! I'm always up for an adventure...

My boss recently sent me an email with this link to sign up for a triple sky miles reward program. Basically, for a couple months time you can triple your millage when you fly.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Today marks the 10 year anniversary...

of the Columbine High School shooting. That is hard to believe. I remember watching the news on that when i was in Junior High.

It's a day worth remembering for sure.

I'm actually going to be in Litleton this time next week for work. Last week I read about each of the victims. I can't imagine what their families have gone through.

If I get a chance I wouldn't mind stopping by the memorial.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm still on an anniversary/wedding high....

Our festivities lingered for a good 3 months times. After getting married in Utah, we returned to Louisiana a week later to do a party at our house. My mom did a really great job with it. I didn't do a thing--just showed up to beautiful flowers and a great tent overlooking the river. It was good to be home and celebrate with those I've known for so long.
My grandmother was so cute. She stood at the front door and greeted all the guests. After all, she know everyone in town.
The family. Harold wore his seersucker suit. Dad would his Seersucker sports coat.
I'm so glad Drew's family came. We got to show them a little of Louisiana.
We've known Mr. Melvin for a while. He helped serve the food and drinks.
Katie and Courtney were a riot.

After going on a few day plantation tour, we headed on our honeymoon. Once we got back, we returned to to Connecticut where we lived for the summer as we both worked.

Andrew's family had a party celebration on our behalf. That's the best way I know to describe it. We had been married for 3 months. We ate and danced the night away.

As you can see, my dad & Dave were wearing a pink vineyard vine bow tie. It was great! All the groomsmen did as well. Andrew wore the matching pink vineyard vine tie. He didn't want to do the bow tie. Complete credit must be given to Katie for this fun idea.

Katie was in charge of making this party happen... and she did. I was so impressed with everything she came up with.
Thank goodness for pictures. i didn't remember the intricacies of these great arrangements.

I had my dress made for our rehersal dinner. I wore it again for this party. I loved it!
Kent Breard is Harold's best friend. After being at BYU for 4 years, he took a job in New York. So he was able to come to the party. It was so much fun having him there.
Two amazing things about this picture--the red velvet cake and the great balloon figures. Katie had the funnest balloon guy there to do fun things while for the kids and for dancing props. The red velvet cake was AMAZING... something about Martha Stewart's baker did it.
Lilly and Drew make great dancing partners.
Where's Katie?


I can't help it...

5. But I'm obsessed with STROLLERS. Isn't that odd for someone who really has no clue and doesn't even have a baby on the way?

I've always noticed strollers, but I think I fell for them this past summer. I couldn't help but notice of the NY moms out walking with their adorable strollers. I had a few blocks walk to and from the train station. I often spotted some of the following strollers. Funny enough, I remember standing at a street corner waiting to cross standing next to what I thought was the most adorable stroller. Knowing I have a bad short term memory, I wrote down the name to do further investigation.
It's pitiful that I've included so many pics on this post. I should just linked them. But I wanted to see them all listed out.This is the Bugaboo Cameleon. I love the bassinet addition even though it has a short life of use. I used to think this one was a bit odd, but it might be my absolute favorite now. It's the Xplory Stokke. This is just a random pic online but it helps to see how proportional it is. Since I'm extremely tall, I assume it has its advantages to the baby being higher. I pushed one around in a store one time and it seems so smooth. I didn't have to bend over with it either. So many strollers I have to hover to push--I can't stand that. It's really versatile. The bummer is that there is no where to put you're baby bag.

I used to think the Baby Orbit was the greatest. It has a neat concept. It can turn every direction on the stand and is supposed to be super easy to get in and out of the car. I think I'm over this one now though. I've heard it's really heavy. This is the Micralite Toro. I don't know a ton about this one actually. But I wouldn't mind learning more about it. This is just the bassinet to the Quinny Buzz. They come in a ton of different colors. It's a lot like the Cameleon. The handles adjust up and down too which is key for me.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I can hardly believe we just celebrated our first anniversary!
It's been a year. I still think about my wedding day constantly all in the time. In fact, Drew didn't fly in till 10 last Saturday. So went for a jog and the whole time I thought about our wedding. I had renewed energy while I was running as I was reliving the moment.

We made our anniversary a fun one. I was coming from Minnesota and Drew was coming from New York after some internship interviews. Our 'getaway' was in Salt Lake. We ate at a favorite only second to Sundance--The Roof Restaurant.
There was a Real game which was perfectly appropriate for our anniversary because we did go to a game the day after we got married--loyal fans.
We went to Antro, Whole Foods, Sugar n' Sprice too...

I loved loved our colors and the dupiani (sp?) silk. But those colors didn't extend beyond the dresses and guy's ties. Everything else was ivory and gold.

Loved loved our cake. The groom's cake was a red velvet. I only wish I would have done our wedding cake the same. We switched up every layer of flavoring instead. But no regrets...