Monday, November 30, 2009

In case you care...

I'm loving my minty nails right now--yes, even in the winter. Fashion week hit it hot with the green. I read that the Chanel Jade was sold out in a week's time.

So I decided to try the Essie green out. And I love it! I'm thinking my polish might be a bit more blue though. I can't figure out what color it is to be exact...

Image stolen from here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

MLS Champions 2009...

What an exciting win against the LA Galaxy. "We are the champions, my friends." I'm still a bit in shock.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gum Wall...

Seattle's gum wall, aka The Great Wall of Gum, is some sight to see. Although it is ranked one of the top 5 most germiest places in the world, we had to leave our mark. If you're in Seattle, it is worth stopping by. It's located in a fairly narrow alley in the Pine City Market.  After doing some research, I learned that this gum wall began in the early 1990's when people were waiting in line outside the theater. The theater attempted to scrape it clean a few time. Obviously, failed miserably.  

Ode to an artistic wall of gum. I enjoyed!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Advanced Graphics...

is my cousin's company where they make stand up cardboard people. They were featured on the Today show this morning on NBC. So I think my cousin Todd is kind of cool.

They've sold over 40,000 New Moon characters in the past 6 weeks. Click here to see some of the different characters they make. You could get one made of yourself too if you'd like. You could bypass shipping cost and just go pick it up in Salt Lake.

For all you New Moon lovers, watch the Today clip here.

I proudly can say, I've had one made of me before. Some dear friends back home, Mrs. White and Mrs. Moore, threw a party for me when I signed to play for BYU. I guess that was my Junior year of high school--maybe my senior. Geez, I don't even remember when the signing window is any more. So Miss Donna surprised me with this massive standup of me palming the ball. If a 6'3 standup isn't big enough, they over projected my height a bit and I was 7 feet something. I loved it! Kept it in my room for years in fact until my room became the resting place for guests passing through. Multiple people commented on how creepy it was to have 7 foot tall me towering over the bed about to crash someone with the ball. Good times!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Double Take...

Photos that make you look twice and either tweak a memory or inspire you in some sort of way.

I'd love to collect teapots. If I only knew I had the room and space to display like this I might begin doing so.
Pic by Swannee

So neat!
Reblogged from Britnay Barnes and then Abby Sharp and now me.

I keep coming back to this retro swim look. I really love it.

I'm so doing this!
Found randomly online--Keith Davis's sister

Florals and more florals
Pic by Phil Newton

I like the way she dresses--bright pics.
Reblogged from Abby Sharp's Most Beautiful Darling

Counter Candy

I would do my stairs like this. Maybe a blue or even a multi. We'll see~

Got to love the long sleeve wedding dresses full of lace.
I got a lot of these from Abby Sharp's collection. She compiles great phtography.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Colorful Christmas...
I'm wishing for a colorful Christmas. I just love all the colored lights and a compilatoin of varied ornaments on a tree.

Kate Spade's color & felty ornaments I found here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Coats at Mod Cloth...

A coat completes my wardrobe in the winter time. I can simply wear a comfortable tee-shit underneath, yet feel put together when wearing a coat of choice. Although Utah's winter are full of snow, it is so dry. I hardly feel the peircing cold that demands multiple layers for survival. Which is why I'm able to adore these...

Mod Cloth has a huge offering to select from. I had to narrow it down to my favorite and wanted to compare them altogether. I thought I would share...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Professional Bull Riding

We had the best time at the PBR this last weekend in Vegas. I've been to quite a few rodeos in my time, but never a PBR.  I have so many thoughts. Rather than coming up with an eloquent way to say it, I'm just going to spit it out--with a list. I love lists. 

- It blows my mind how some of the bull riders wear a cowboy hat over a helmet or caged front helmet. The bulls hoof gets inches from knocking them out cold. I just don't get it. Maybe it's a cowboy thing.

- Rodeo's and bull riding events have got to be one of the most patriotic events you can attend. The opening part of the event included the National Anthem and singing America, the Beautiful.  So many flags... & a prayer too.  I refuse to go political on my blog, but it was refreshing to be around people embracing the great country we are native to without whining about change. 

- The country folk are conservative--getting back to the basics.

- I learn something new every time I attend a rodeo/PBR. This time I learned that the bull rider's spurs don't have the rolling balls. They wouldn't be able to clinch and dig into the bull as well to hold on. makes sense... 

- Let's be honest... We're all there to see a little blood. 

- The crowd is part of the entertainment. They dance and have a good time. There isn't a standard either of your supposed to dress or what is acceptable. Everyone is there just being themselves. The event attracts all sorts of different people.

- I just love how the cowboys tip their hat after a ride. 

- I noticed a correlation between the ferociousness of the bull with the size of his horns. The bulls without horns didn't get the same hype. This might be extreme but just something I noticed at my first PBR. 


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coco before Chanel...

As my grandmother would say, "I just returned from the loveliest picture show." Her line is perfectly appropriate because I feel like I was in a movie that she could repect for her time. We had to drive to Salt Lake where it's playing in this old artsy theater that doesn't carry any Hollywood shows. I enjoy the old fashion syle movie and theater for a change. And my sweet husband was such a trooper to take me and fill me in on the subtitles when I couldn't read them fast enough (it's all in French). See the preview here.

I'm especially interested in the life of Coco. This summer when I was killing time in Barnes and Noble, I came across a great briography of her. She represents so much more than Chanel as we know it today. She is a pioneer for fashion. And a go getter at that.
When Andrew and I started dating, I was reading a book called "Women of Commitment." I'll never forget Andrew's tone when he asked if I was a women's activist. "Like a 'she-man'?" No, I'm not a she-man. But I admire women with a gumption to go and do and accomplish with limitless potentail.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweater Clock...

I just love these handspun clocks from the Shetland Islands. One would be perfect for a baby room one day. Meanwhile, it would look lovely in my room too.

Andrea Williamson is really talented. I emailed her intersted in some of the other things she has made and she was very prompt in getting back to me. See her here.

Can you guess which one I have?
I must say that they are even grander and more intricate than they look here. The knit is mounted on a wood base. I wasn't expecting it to work too--just takes a battery.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Payday #2

It's just nice to feel appreciated by your customers. 

I recently received some goodies in the mail from a customer in St. Louis. Last Christmas Andrew got me the new Cricut. I've experienced my fair share of growing pains there. But what an amazing machine. Ann took the time to teach and explain some neat things last time we were together. I'm limited though with only a few free cartridges. They're super pricey. Ann recently surprised me with all sorts of things--including a much needed cord that I had accidentally thrown away on top of the sweetheart cartridge and the Christmas cartridge. I look forward to creating a bit. I'm due...

I appreciate it so much. Thanks for thinking of me...


Monday, November 2, 2009

Modern Vintage...

Sprucing up some plain jane necessities with some color is a must. Bringing together 'modern functionality and vintage personality', the Big Chill fridge/stove is some serious eye candy. 

Maybe one day.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pay Day...

is when your client surprises you and turns your appointment into a party while we all sit around talking about crafts and creativity eating M&M's. 


This particular appointment was in Rochester, MN.