Friday, January 22, 2010

Hawaii Sunsets


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He thought he saw a whale.
Twilight--my favorite time of day.

One of my favorite nights... going to the locals beach as they surfed past sunset.

On the end of our 8 mile hike. We were hustleing for fear we would have no light on the last part of our hike.

This was sunrise in Kauai. Sad to see the crosses of the shore side. I saw too many of those. Apparently surfers trying to hit the big swells pass away too often.


Dayna said...

i love the new look. so cute. what a great idea to make your own spot a little more special.

Silly Lily said...

SOUNDS LIKE A BLAST!!! By the way I LOVE this new design. And get ready girl... I'm starting to blog again this week.