Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top Hawaiian Memories... #1.Tennis with the Family

I come from a tennis family--period. I play by default. The rest of the crew is qualified in their own right. My dad actually noticed my mom for the first time when she was playing tennis at BYU. One of the coaches was my dad's PE instructor who proceeded to match them up. To complete the background understanding, know that my bro. and sister both used to hold top USTA rankings in LA. My brother still plays in a competitive league on top of 5+ intramural T-shirts. I take lessons every time I go home to work on my strokes a bit. I enjoy the exercise, but I moreless need the basics to hang with my family junkies--especially when the competitive situations arise.


Dixon (Dad) and Dixon (nephew) playing tennis together.

The all of us.

First of all, my posture stinks. I really need to get ahold of that before it gets out of control. Correct me when I do it. I hate it. Secondly, awesome T on Drew! We got that there and I have been wearing it non-stop. Never, have I ever gotten so many complements on a piece of clothing in my life. Who would of thought a T-shirt?

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