Saturday, January 30, 2010

#6. Scuba Diving (top HI memories)

Deciding to get certified for scuba diving was one of my better decisions in life. There truly is another world under the sea. It passes my understanding. The sea turtles just leave you speechless. I can't even begin to describe the emotions of swimming with the sea turtles. I love them so much.

We went to 4 completely different dive sights. The first consisted of arches an alleys of coral to swim through. It wasn't the place for a clastaphobic (sp?) person. We had seen turtles swimming around but I found this particular one that was nuzzled into a dark part of the coral where the sun didn't reach. I put my mask right up to his noise and we were face to face. He didn't budge either. Some of the others would swim away when you singled them out. I was having a moment there eye to eye with what I think is the most amazing creature ever. The ocean is so serial--even though there is activity around, the deep breaths of oxygen are really soothing. And then there was the faint noise of whales calling back and forth. I'm trying to describe it but doing a terrible job. I've dreamed of swimming with turtles since I can remember. I had no expectation to see any thing else. So when we saw the Octopus ink and the Eel looking creepy, I maxed out a threshold of enjoyment I didn't know I could experience.


I didn't get a steady hand on this shot. But still worth posting. I lost count of all the killer whales we saw. These pictures were taken as we were headed out to sea for diving.

This might be my favorite. I love the water trailing behind his tail.

I wasn't able to get a picture, but on a separate occasion we saw a little baby whale swimming next to his mom. He kept trying to jump out of the water like her. His little body was doing the tinniest splash our of water. He would jump probably 5 times to her .

Free Willy!

I actually emailed this pic in to the "Great White Trail." If you get a good pic of the tail, they want to add it to their records to track where it is going. No two tails are alike. So I did my service there. Maybe I will hear back that he was in Alaska 6 months ago. Wishful thinking...

Our instructor said this is probably a male looking to mate because he is playfully slapping his tail back and forth. I didn't get a pic but the neatest thing ever was seeing a whale on his belly with his noose out of water and flapping his tail back and forth. He was just floating there with the curve in his back to have his body under water but his noose and tail out.


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Hi Mary Martha! I didn't realize you had a blog but I'm so glad I found it. It looks like you are doing so well and have such a fun job!


Janae said...

Beautiful. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, hey i need your e-mail address to add you to my blog.
hope you're doing well