Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Craft & Hobby Convention

I've been in Anahiem, CA for almost a week now for the huge crafting convention of the year. I posted about it last year here. I've been looking forward to the excitiment ever since. As much as I hate being apart from Drew this week, it has actually flown by for the most part becuase I've been so busy.

This past year has been a great one for American Crafts despite the economy. Sales are up. We've grown quite a bit. We have everything you could possibly need in the scrapbooking/crafting world--adhesives, albums, paper unlimited, ribbon unlimited, thickers of all sorts, stickers, embossing powders, stamps, inks, fabric. You name it, we have it. & just about in every color too. I think our catalog for wholesalers is about 200 pages.

But this recent release has been especially exciting. Liz Katchner co-designed a line through our design team. Although I didn't know who she was prior, I've enjoyed getting to know her. Not only was she scrapbooker of the year a few years back, but she also has her own column in Creating Keepsakes called Dear Lizzie--hence the name of her spring release. She just published her first book. Her blog has a loyal following too. When I saw her for the first time I recognized her from Nie Nie's post here. Hard to forget a pretty face.

Her line is adoreable. It sells itself. But it was nice to have the hype to go along with it too. If retail owners get so excited about the new releases, I can only imagine what goes on at the consumer level.


I love the show for a lot of reasons. It's nice to travel with 20 people from the company as opposed to solo like I usually do. I really like meeting with all my top customers too. I love the interaction that my job brings. But dealing with product more in bulk as opposed to smaller quantities is nice. I really love my job. I never could have imiagined liking my job so much. But the time away from my husband is extremely hard and makes it a tough one.

I booked out my scheduale with appointments and stay busy the entire show. The last day everything lightens up. I had a chance to walk the floor a bit. I couldn't begin to see it all. But I got a glimpse. I can't even begin to get my mind around the art and beading side of things. The quilting and yarning sections run over me as well. Spools of yarn arranged and stacked by color are so beauitful though I will say. But that is the extent of what I recognize in those setups. The woodwork booths are impressive to see as well.

The convention was saturated with paper releases and di-cut machines. Di-cuts seem to be the thing right now. I can't even keep up. There was the silhouette, the slice, much more, and now the new cricut that can be using to cut out cake's icing. My goodness. I can't keep up with it all.

Except for American Crafts, who I love and am so proud to work for.

This is one of the 20 sectionals of our booth. I love our stamping section. It's so colorful.

Graphic 45 gets a lot of attention for their vintage scence and distressed papers. I really like what they have to offer and the way they display it.
I forget the name of this booth. Creativity Your Way maybe? I don't even know what they represent either. I just liked the diplays.


Rachel Ricchio said...

a) love your outfit! b) that lady is gorg! and c) seeing these scrapbooking conventions really make me want to get back into scrapbooking :)

Lauren Dyer said...

Looking at all of those products makes me salivate! What a fun job! And by the way...we're getting really pumped for the cruise!