Sunday, January 17, 2010

This weeks Highlights...

1. renting a car with XM radio--no commercials and the 90's channel
2. Whole Foods-- 3 different locations in 72 hours time--Houston, Austin, San Antonio
3. Long talks with my lover on the phone. Having him talk me to sleep is one of my favorite things.
4. Marriott Points-- I will drive 30+ minutes out of my way if I have to for a Marriott. I feel safe there when I'm alone on the road & I can assure myself a comfy bed.
5. Having work take me to Houston where my sister lives. Spending time with her family always elevates me. They are on my highest pedestal of them all.
6. Sky Miles-- to and from Houston & to and from St. Louis.
7. Good ole' Tex Mex
8. Driving through Baylor campus and remembering the time my dad took me to see the campus and see a basketball game.
9. San Marcos outlets. Need I say more? I might have to later.
10. Meeting with one of my clients who is deaf. I can't even tell you the blessing she has been in my life. Her story is incredible. It's not one she freely shares--just one I've learned.
11. Listening to Gail King in the morning. Again, thank you XM radio.
12. Getting a free upgrade to a "jacuzzi room" which was right next to the bed in the bedroom and not in the bathroom. It was massive with jets coming out from directions I didn't know they could shoot from. It was an interesting setup nevertheless. What a treat after a long day's work.
13. Blues won!
14. Getting complements on a tan. That never happens, okay.
15. Making it a priority to wear 5 different colored tights in one weeks time and successfully doing so.
16. Family pic in front of the St. Louis Temple.

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Mari Kjar said...

that was a great list. and so full of personality and you-ness. loved it. i want to see a pic of you in colored tights. and the famly pic in front of the st louis temple. love that temple. love you!