Monday, February 15, 2010

Conversation Mittens

There is some serious hype over the Vancouver Olympic mittens. Read more about it here. I love official Olympic wear.
I have to say that I'm love my Old Navy xo's. (Don't have the Hi/Bye's but included the pic).
Andrew and I made a pallet in front of the TV and watched all 4 hours (pre show to post) of the opening ceremonies. I loved viewing the enthusiasm from each country as they came out of the chute--and loved seeing what they decided to wear. My favorites included the Azerbaijan pants (colorful without shame), Estonia (their name written down the arm), Germany (my personal fav), Monaco (argyle is a perfect fit for that little royal country), and New Zealand (All Blacks apparel).

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Dayna said...

loved watching it with you for your second time! Also, love the new look and how you can personalize your posts! FUN!