Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#9. Pearl Harbor (top HI memories)

I was extremely humbled as I visited Pearl Harbor, a sacred site. I was intrigued as I read about the heroic lives that stand as an essential part of US history. I walked about truly touched with a greater understanding of what happened on 12/7/1941. I come from a family of some serious history buffs, and usually I'm the odd ball out (mostly civil war sites). Although I didn't fully appreciate this experience years ago, I will forever be grateful for the distinct feelings I had here recently.


There was a survivor of Pear Harbor there walking around. I was pleased to meet him and shake his hand. I don't imagine there are too many left considering this attack happened 69 yeas ago.

I wanted to read survivors stories after being here. I walked away with this book that I strongly recommend if this interests you.

(sister Helen above)

My Poppa, Nelson Abell, was a submarine officer in WWII. It was neat to walk though the submarine catching a glimpse of what it was like to be in his footsteps.


Dayna said...

We did the same thing the last time my family was in Hawaii. I loved walking through the memorial and learning more about it. I don't ever remember there being a survivor there while we were there. That would be really cool to meet someone that was.

Dayna said...
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