Saturday, February 27, 2010

The City Museum in St. Louis...

I was in St. Louis for work this past week and was reminded of the amazing museum there that I enjoyed a couple months ago. I'm not a big museum goer for starters, but this one was interesting and full of wonders.

Most everything here is recycled. It is neat to walk around, look, and sometimes ask what something once was. Like the ice sickles hanging when we first walked in, was fiber glass off an old air plane wing. The architecture is amazing. A lot of older structures or machines from St. Louis are salvaged and used here--like the darling little train cars and train tracks. This is an extremely interactive museum too to play be creative and have a hands on experience.

I just loved 'Art City', with the huge chalk board and the long table with dried clumps of paint all over. There was pottery making too.
My niece, Molly, in Toddler Town.
This is the shoelace factory where they are using machines from the late 1800's. You can even request colors and designs for them to make for you.

This lady could make all sorts of snow flakes with various designs. With a few cuts on where she had outlined, the kids would make the neatest snow flake.

Local kids can take circus lessons in preparation for the presentation they do.


Whitney Elizabeth said...

you get to go to the coolest places.

i'm going to be in UT next week...hopefully you will be there. I'd love to see you. i really am going to call you today.

Mari Kjar said...

i love the city museum! it's a crazy place. when josh and i went there was a bride/groom/wedding party going down the big slide before their reception down the street. crazy, dynamic place.