Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saints Week

I got a text from my mom Sunday night which read the following:

Dear Fam. This is Saints Week. So start wearing something Saints every day. That means Cutler in his Brees shirt! (not sure what that is) Me in my Coach windbreaker. Harold and MM in their shirts (she has sent us many). Lil Dixon in his face sticker (tattoo). Etc. Have fun. This is our week!!! Believe!!!!!!

The exclamation points are no exaggeration. I can't say I've always been nuts about the Saints. But my mom always has been. She is ecstatic right now. I have gotten no less than 2 pics a day of the Saint's crest or something relaying her or someone elses pride.
So let's go Saints!

This was 1 of the many pics I've received via phone in the last few days.

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Rachel Ricchio said...

i updated just for you sweetie!!!