Friday, March 5, 2010

Cuff Links

I love it how my husband wears cuff links. I think they are so handsome and add the finishing touch. I don't know if I ever recall seeing girls wear cuff links. But I really want a pair. I'd need the right shirt of course and that could be tricky for my long arms. But I saw some equestrian ones in a J McLaughlin store one time. I kept thinking about them months after but could never relocate them on the Internet--to this day. While I was in search, I found these. I like them but not as much as these others I saw. But I would happily wear these--with my jeans and boots too.
Because they are gold they are a couple grand so there is no questions. See for yourself here. But I still like and meanwhile will just have to keep wishing I had the perfect shirt and cuff links to wear.


Diana Hulme said...

YOU could totally pull it off, too! :)

Kellee Marie Cook said...

You could pull them off just like the medal you were wearing the other night on your shirt. love your style.