Sunday, March 28, 2010

Japanesse Hair Striaght

I remember that 'altering age' where my hair started coming in curly. I liked the curls but they were out of control with the Louisiana humidity. When I did straighten my hair, which was most days, it was a matter of time before my hair made its way curly again. In all my b-ball pics from junior high to mid high school you can see the curls creeping out of my pony around my face. Those bugged.

So when I read about the Japanese Hair Straightening technique that had just gotten to the U.S. I begged mom for the service. Because it was new and training was limited to NYC only, the treatment was only being done in big cities (this was about 10 years ago. I had actually read about it in a magazine when Anniston's hair was sheik straight in Friends). So thank goodness family fun brought me to Chicago where I was able to get my hair straight. It changed my life. I can't rave about it enough.

After 5+ hours on hands on work on the head, it literally restructures the cuticles and ions of your hair making it straight to where it doesn't even go back. )Research the before and after shots). It is quite the process. And quite frankly, it is too straight initially. Once your hair grows out an inch, it gets more body at the roots but is still super straight. And the next few inches, my hair still hangs straight due to the weight of the rest of the hair.

The tricky thing for most, not really for me though, is that you can't have color in your hair to straighten it. There are ways to lightly color it after you get it straightened, but only the hair that has been treated--to where the roots for retouch up a year later can be treated again.

Although it is a bit pricey, I think I spend less money on my hair than the coloring crowd that have to answer to the habit every month or so. I can go a year and a half like I just did. I just had to straighten the roots or what had grown out curly which took some time. But it is so nice being able to air dry my hair straight. Although a chemical is used on the hair, I feel like my hair is much healthier with it because I get to avoid heat the next long while.

When I first started getting this done 7 years ago, there wasn't much information online about it. It is easily accessible now. Annie O'Connor has done it the past 4 times I've had it done. She was the only one doing it in Utah when I got here. Now there are about 3 0r 4 people. But she is very experienced (which is huge--not much room for error on over extending the hair) and is super economical because she only pays a stall fee and doesn't have to answer to pay overhead to the salon. She uses Lisco as opposed to Yuko or I-striaght which is the better product from Japan AND is very precise and very good at what she does. When I went to Chicago, it was a fancy salon and there might of been 3 people at one point working on my head, but they charred the baby hairs around my face. That hasn't happened with Annie.


The LaBarberas said...

I had this done once to my very curly hair at a profess. salon when it had just come out and it completely stick straightened my very curly hair. You're right, initially it's too flat. Although my hair is too curly for it to look good with this treatment after a few months, I bet it is so great for yours! I've gotten my hair relaxed for 10 years, and it's the happy medium for me- just to give it less frizz but to keep the curl. Now, I've just embraced Southern humidity and let it go! I'm glad it worked for you:) You have beautiful hair! And I thought Sandra Bullock looked like she'd had it done!

Rachel Ricchio said...

if it wasn't so expensive i would totally do it!

Mary Martha said...

my lady is so inexpensive. that is what's so great. really!