Friday, March 12, 2010

Hugo Shoe Repair...

Finding Hugo Shoe repair had enhanced my quality of life. I'm sure we share similarities in becoming attached to a pair of shoes or in this case, my boots. It is such a good feeling to preserve the old and feel like you have the new.

I brought a pair of my brother's boat shoes to the local shoe repair here in town. I think they were my grandfathers--very old and worn out. The shoe was kaput with hardly a sole and with stitching coming undone. Even that local shoe repair admitted that I needed to contact Hugo. How good would you have to be to be referred to by your competitor?

So I found Hugo with the help of this little blue sign seen below. His shop is tucked away in a quaint 'hole in the wall.' But he is the master of shoes. He can make you a pair even. It is amazing to see what he does. His leather care is remarkable too. I've taken a few of my leather bags into his store to polish and give some TLC. It's enhanced their quality of life too.

My dad even sends his boots to me from Louisiana to get worked on by Hugo.

So recently I took my special boots to get repaired. With a new cushion to protect the heel, and a new polish, my boots and I both are both as good as brand new.


276 North State Street, Orem, UT 84057 (801) 691-0929‎

Before Pics:

Just trashed...

(cropped out the heel--opps)



Dayna said...

Ooh great! Does he work with uggs? Mine are TRASHED! Sounds like you found a winner there mary!

Ana Lee said...

What a great idea! I should repair shoes more often.