Monday, March 22, 2010

Yale, BYU

As much as I love and enjoy wearing BYU apparel, I can't stand how everyone wears the same thing--very cookie cutter and falls under the same 'logo policy.' I understand copyrights but it's too bad that people can't freelance with the emblem a bit. I remember when a girl on our team went to design something different and creative, she was shot down by the guidelines to be strictly followed.

So I'm pleased to announce my love for Yale vintage apparel that simply slaps on the 'Y' I'm so familiar with. Here on the west cost, no one knows it is Yale.

The bulldog resembles the cougar and makes for a great Vineyard Vine's tie.

I can't find a pic online but I have khakis that have the navy 'Y' splotched all over it like the J-Crew pants did with various symbols a few seasons back.

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TeamWatkins said...

What a great idea! I feel the same way about the BYU clothing selection. I lucked out though, my mother held onto her BYU sweatshirt from the early 70's & now it's mine all mine! It is such a wonderful vintage hand me down.