Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Couples Cruise

We're having the best time with some of our favorite couple friends this week. They guys were a hit last night with karaoke. It was the last song of the night bringing us all to the dance floor.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Point 1/2 Marathon...

Photo op following our grueling 13 miles. Thank goodness I had my husband by my side the entire race. His words of encouragement saved me. He could have ran on but stayed by my side.

I agree it was a bit crazy to run 1/2 marathons back to back weekends. So let me explain why we chose to do so. We didn't even learn of the race until last Sunday. A part of me wanted a 'redo' because I didn't pace myself well the last time and I didn't know what to expect. After looking at the route at Thanksgiving Point, I thought it would be beautiful to run through the gardens and golf course. The Salt Lake run was on 4 lane roads such as State Street. The run today was especially beautiful along the river too. But what I didn't anticipate were the hills. They were tough. I hadn't trained for those. There were only 500 people running today as opposed to the 5,000 last week. Big difference not running on another's heals.

This was the first annual run for Thanksgiving Point. Maybe one day I can tell my kido's that I was apart of the first annual run there. And last but not least, this is where Andrew and I had our reception 2 years ago. We took many pics in these gardens. It was neat to be back with my lover trotting along.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rain to Rainbows...

I've been living in Utah for almost 6 years now and it is intersting to note the things that I miss most about home. They are all characteristics I had no idea I would miss before hand. Like the rain storms... We hardly ever get a good rain here in Utah. Percipitation seems to come solely in the form of snow. So yesterday while many were cursing the rain cramping their Spring wishes, I just loved it.

While we don't get much rain here, we don't see too many rainbows either. I miss Losuisiana's rain stroms that bring in the most beautiful rainbows.


Another shot from my brother Harold when he was in Guatemala visiting his mission a bit ago. Amazing!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I wanted a monkey...

I don't know if it was reading Curious George, but I wanted a monkey so badly when I was a little girl. And I actually thought I could potentially get one is the sad thing. I remember being old enough wanting one and thinking I would just bring it to bball practice and he could play in the bleachers. Such a weird thought now.What was a thinking?

I borrowed my brother's computer recently and had to burn some great pics of his East Asia adventures. I look forward to sharing some over time...


I hope you notice the parent monkey pulling on the little guy's tail as he climbs up the wall. Or the little minature monkey sitting on the step. Or the two to the left of Harold holding hands. And the family of 5 all cuddeling close. I love monkeys so much! They are amazing!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon...

It was such a great feeling to run our first half marathon last weekend. We've never been much of distance runners. Andrew prefers playing any/all competitive sports and just being active. I'm more into yoga, hiking, weights, and workout classes. But when my friend Dayna mentioned she was going to do it and asked if anyone was in, I really wanted to be. A group of us jumped on board and held each other accountable to the commitment.

But I really had no interest in training without Andrew. We fully embrace have different interests, however, I work so much and we are apart enough with my work, that I didn't want to get home from work and then be off for my distance training alone. I still don't know if Andrew was just being supportive or if he had an inkling to do it as well; but we did it together. It was such a good feeling to set a goal and work towards it together. I actually thought about that correlation a lot while I was running-- that same pattern is a lot like marriage.

There was a stretch in the race that was hard, no doubt. But I thought overall, the race was the easy part. I will attribute the mental toughness from bball for that. The long Saturday runs or late night runs after work were the mundane and exhausting part I thought.

The most we had ever ran before last weekend was 11 miles. The last few were tricky for sure. I had never run in a race before so I did a poor job pacing myself. I don't know what 'my pace' is so I ran too fast for my own strength in the start and was practically walking (but not quite) in the end. Plus, I didn't take all the people passing me so well at the start either and was trying to keep up.


I barely missed breaking the 2 hour mark. I was right at 2 hours 1 minute, pacing a 9.15 minute mile.

Before the race.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

School's out for summer...

Andrew just had his last day of classes. A couple finals and another semester down.


My brother Harold took this shot in Mozambique when he was there for a school project. I think it is awesome to see the school aged kids playing around. Summer like right?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday wishes for my lover...


Andrew's family newsletter has a b-day section each month where we write a tribute. Andrew's grandpa is known for his poetry. He inspired me to try something similar.

Happy Birthday, Andrew, my dear,
Again it's that wonderful time of year.

Another year under our belt,
With a deeper love truly felt.

You continue to amaze me time and time again,
Thanks for always being such a true and loyal friend.

I love the way you prioritize your life,
First comes the Lord, and then comes your wife.

After negativity something wonderful follows right after,
You are always quick to lighten a bad mood with some laughter.

I love that you are passionate about multiple things,
Like soccer and Sports Center, you know what I mean.

It's neat to see how you admire each of your brothers,
It's a relationship to value and cherish like no other.

I can't wait to see you as an amazing dad,
You're so darn good looking, might I add.

The way you smile brightens my day,
Never let anything hinder that or get in your way.

Thanks for always greeting me at the door when I get home,
Did I mention the heartache when I have to travel alone?

I second Sis. Hinckley, "He gives me the wings to fly."
You enable me to feel like every pursuit is worth a try.

You are my proof that dreams come true,
I'm just so happy to be living with you.

I look forward to starting our family together,
Thank goodness we can be together forever.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 Years today...

& couldn't be happier


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kit Clubs...

One of the things I love most about the industry I work in is the lovely kit clubs that I get to work with. I had never heard of them before I took this job, so I found them quite interesting--great concept. Essentially, the owner will produce a kit each month of a variety of colors, papers, stickers, embellishments, and so forth that match a particular theme. One can subscribe to the kit and automatically receive the carefully collected and designed layout to scrapbook with. THe club has designers who work with the product to suggest layout ideas. What a great way to stay current with beautiful releases and cut back on the clutter that this hobby tends to accompany. And if you can personally commit to staying current with the kits you receive each month, you would have a lovely scrapbook at the end of the year.

Popularity of kits are determined for the most part by how many subscribers they have. I personally love my two clients kits as seen here.


Above is the Magpie Club. Tara's British accent and ways are so much fun!

Below is Scrapbook Sussies. She puts together some adorable kits too--always using some of out product.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Collection of Hoops....

I notice basketball goals where ever I go. It is neat to see them arranged in backyards, often overgrown with ivy or dilapidated from time. I started a collection of 'hoop photography' about a year ago. Each one tells a story in its own way. I enjoy imagining about it. I can hardly describe what the one in my drive way did for my brother and I... taught us a bit about dreaming, goals, hard work, independance, confidance and having fun.

Living in Monroe, I went the same route to church and school for many years. I remember at this particular house, these two young brothers woudl play basketball and shoot around all the time. At one point the younger brother could hardly chuck it up to the goal. And over the years it was neat to see them get bigger and play some one on one. They were in their driveway a lot playing around. I saw this growth just from driving by. It was awesome. As it does for most, it fizzled a bit with time. When I go home I never see them out there playing. Their goal is collecting some pollen as ours did in due time. I assume their time out there playing around makes up a bigger part of their life today than they might realilze. I know it did for me.


This is the only graffiti shot I have. I took in a few weeks ago in Denver.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

British Pram...

I'm freaking out right now. The following Pram just sold on ebay for $60.00. I can hardly believe it. My only guess is that the seller said it was a pick up item only which leaves most without a chance. Although this isn't a Silver Cross, it's beautiful! Can you imagine? Baby with a bonnet stolling along.

I'm not even going to talk about the pricing on these guys. The one above is listed at Harrods to throw you a bone. But aren't they so beautiful? My heart has been racing just as I browse around at the different options out there. If these at all interest you but you gag at the thought of paying $3,000 for one of these (okay, I said it), read this story. I guess there is hope to find one.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Downtown Murals

I passed through the cutest town last week, Wadena, MN. It is a small town of about 4,000 with the neatest old down town. I always like art deco on downtown main streets. Provo has a little bit too. When I approached Wadena, I was listening to a CD that Andrew had made me before I left to keep me company. The song that was on was We Are the World. If you haven't heard it or seen the video, you must.

It was perfect for this colorful representation of the world.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Macy's Flower Show--"Spring Is In The Air"

With a little time to kill before I flew home yesterday, I stopped by downtown Minneapolis and saw the most amazing flower show at Macy's. For two weeks, Macy's (in 5 different cities) dedicates an entire floor for an overwhelming flower show. I was taken back by the strong aroma of all the flowers when I walked off the elevator...& the variety of color. It was hard to focus in on a certain flower or arrangement because there were so many. I was wishing my grandmother was there to enjoy it with me. I have the fondest memories of drying flowers together when I was a little girl.


Target & Liberty of London

Going to Minneapolis without visiting a Target is like going to Paris without walking in a Chanel. Okay, maybe a little different . But when all the magic happens at their headquarters in the area, I felt the need to pay my respects. I’m glad I did.

I’m crazy about the Liberty of London florals. You might recognize the actual Liberty of London department store as seen below. Well although the fabric makeup is different in our Target, the florals are now outsourced to us. Lovely! I just love them! The product line is so vast too. You have to hunt a bit in Target to find them because they are spread throughout the various departments, but when you come across them, you will know. The colors and patterns are so distinct. As you will see online, most everything is sold out. The stores are sparse on product now too. I can’t wait to see what comes of this. Check out the Liberty of London online at Target here.

I learned something new this last week too--no sales tax on clothes in Minnesota. Hence, the Mall of America. I thought that was interesting. So next time you make your big purchase, call it in to a store there and have them ship it. Just a thought but a bit extreme...

The notorious London store.