Friday, April 9, 2010

Collection of Hoops....

I notice basketball goals where ever I go. It is neat to see them arranged in backyards, often overgrown with ivy or dilapidated from time. I started a collection of 'hoop photography' about a year ago. Each one tells a story in its own way. I enjoy imagining about it. I can hardly describe what the one in my drive way did for my brother and I... taught us a bit about dreaming, goals, hard work, independance, confidance and having fun.

Living in Monroe, I went the same route to church and school for many years. I remember at this particular house, these two young brothers woudl play basketball and shoot around all the time. At one point the younger brother could hardly chuck it up to the goal. And over the years it was neat to see them get bigger and play some one on one. They were in their driveway a lot playing around. I saw this growth just from driving by. It was awesome. As it does for most, it fizzled a bit with time. When I go home I never see them out there playing. Their goal is collecting some pollen as ours did in due time. I assume their time out there playing around makes up a bigger part of their life today than they might realilze. I know it did for me.


This is the only graffiti shot I have. I took in a few weeks ago in Denver.

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Martha said...

I love my memories of my brothers then my kids playing basketball in the driveway! I am getting our goal and three point line fixed up for the next generation to play on and enjoy.