Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Church Signs Across America...

I was walking though Urban Outfitters the other day trying to find a friend when I briefly saw this book lying on the table. I didn't have a chance to look through it, but I kept thinking about it days later. I always am so fascinated with the church signs I would see back home. Whether I was in my home town or on a road trip for a b-ball game, there were so many different signs outside the various churches that were so funny to me. You just don't see them out here in Utah, partly because you don't have the diverse churches like we do back home in the ''bible belt.'

When I went back to Urban to find this book, I couldn't find it. So I ordered one off amazon. Before it came in I told Andrew that I'm sure Louisiana has a presence in the book and I wouldn't be surprised if my hometown Monroe even had one. What do you know, we had a presence for a funny church sign.

This has replaced my Chanel picture book as my new coffee table book. Come see!

I don't know where this sign was located, but you get the silly idea.

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