Monday, May 3, 2010


Our ship maitre'd recomended that we visit Stone Island once we arrive in Mazatlan. We had quite the experience doing so. We took a taxi to the little fisihing area you see below. Mazatlan is a big fishing town. Pelican swarm the area as the fish are cleaned and then sold.

We then took a water taxi out to Stone Island where we then had to walk 20 minutes through the little town to get to the beach on the other side. Walking through the island was for sure our "Mexican experiance." The beach was lovely. The guys rode canoes on the big waves that were coming in. I r&r'ed with the sun and the occasional local trying to sell me something. I took to this beautiful mexican blanket. It was thicker with an authentic feel as opposed to the machine made blankets. This guy said thathis father and brother made it on the loom by hand.

This is my picnic blanket. It folds up well but is sturdy to sit on an not get bunched. I anticipate using this alot this summer. And I paid practically nothing for it too.


The fishing area where we caught our water taxi.
Took a walk along the beach. I love carriage rides. This 'driver' was singing along to some Mexican tunes. I loved it!
I didn't dare but I thought about it. Love fruit stands!

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Crystal said...

WOW! Thank you for this post! I am so so excited. Tha blanket you found is amazing!!! Hopefully I get as lucky. Im glad you guys had a lot of fun