Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Extreme Canopy Tour...


The cruise concierge recomended we take this particular shore excursion. They claimed it was ranked top 35 shore excursions you can take around the world. I don't know exactly what that meant, but we went for it and are so glad we did.

We started by taking about a 30 minute boat ride from our big boat to a small town. We did so on a ocean jet boat. My bum was sore from bopping up and down from the ocean swells but it was part of the adventure. It was neat to see the Mexican shore line too.

I wish I could remember the name of the small town we loaded off at. It was up against the mountians and jungle--extrememly small and very poor. They stuffed us in a back of a truck for one of the most bumpy rides of my life. No yielding on the dirt road to the pot holes.

We rode donkeys for about 30 mintues up to the top of the Sienna Mountians I think it was. My donkey was so small and skinny I could wrap my legs around him to where my toes touched. I felt so bad for the donkey. Also, I was wearing a bathing suit becuase I was told this was a wet adventure. I had no idea it involved donkeys.

We zipped away on the longest zip lines I've been on--to and from moutnians. We would hike a bit in the jungle and then zip accross an open area. It was neat to look out.

Then we repelled down waterfalls. That was exciting. I have never done anything like that. I hated landing in the col water though and getting my shoes all squishy and wet.
This pictures look side ways but it is actally us walking down the lesser part of the waterfall. I know I was harnessed in but I thought I was going to look my footing and fall.

Andrew about to get dunked. We zipped into a pool of water. I took so much in and swallowed. I was fretting becuase you hear, don't drink the water in Mexico. I was fine though. ha!

When we ended out excursion we headed back to the beach to take the boat back. We had to wait on the boat a bit. Andrew got in a pick up game of soccer and had his glory moment for sure. He played really well.

Then took the boat back at sunset.


Mekelle said...

that looks like so much fun! we will have to do that excursion when we go! any other recommendations?

Dayna said...

wow that looks amazing. all of it. thats awesome you guys went and did that. what an adventure!

Steve and Stephanie Anderson said...

Looks like yall are having a blast!!! Mekelle was telling us about the different excursions you guys did and I had to check it out :) Wish we could have all gone together!

Semen Rendi said...

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