Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving on from American Crafts...

The rainy day fits my mood just perfectly. I’m not one to get sad and down in the dumps. But today that’s kind of how I feel. Tomorrow is my last day at American Crafts. It’s a bitter sweet transition. I’m always up for a new adventure and new beginnings, but I’ve loved my job and have given it so much this last year and 7 months.

I love my customers, my boss, the industry, and the people I work with. The traveling aspect of my job is the one part I won’t miss. It is probably the factor that drove me to this decision really. My husband and I will be away this summer. I appreciate the offer extended to return in September, but I think this is a chapter closed.

I thrive with purpose, routine, and a schedule. Throughout high school I had early morning seminary at 6:15. Then in college, I had early morning workouts for b-ball. I had one semester left once I was done with b-ball and I took a 7:00AM class. Shortly after, I got married I interned in NYC where I was commuting an hour so I was taking the early train. And then this lovely job… I don’t see myself looking back. I never did once I walked away from b-ball. Although I miss competing and day dream often about the ‘glory days’ of b-ball, which I won’t define which era that was, there isn’t must looking back. I embrace the new. Every season of my life has been special and means so much to me.

This work experience taught me so much. I look forward to many more.


Another pic my brother took. I love it and thought it was fitting as I am moving on.


Stacy Thiot said...

Sad... I know how much you enjoyed working there! I hope you find another great job asap! And when would you like to come over again??? I am less busy now. Let me know.

Thanks Mar, love you!

breanna said...

Enjoy your last day, and keep us updated on your next adventure! i'm going to miss the next crazy sale!!

nichole said...

i wish you the best! you are amazing!

can we go to lunch before you move away this summer? pretty please!

Ann said...

Nancy and the staff at RSC (Rochester Scrapbooking Company) will miss you Mary! Good luck in your next adventure!