Monday, May 17, 2010

Marriage means family...

Classic family photo


beautiful couple & a beautiful dress

& a beautiful suit

& a beautiful little family

& a beautiful rose

& a beautiful cake

The hydrangea were to die for. They had a tinting and speckle to them. I think someone said they were vintage hydrangea. beautiful!

& a beautiful entry way

& beautiful sister-in-laws

Yet another couple shot.

& we love to see a beautiful temple

comfy diner in the house

Uncle Nate took this through a window pane. I love this shot. They have the best father/son relationship.

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Jessica (Karr) Swendsen said...

Gorgeous photos Mary Martha! I heart your blog. I think it is SO great that you blog too! Yours looks so professional. I may be asking for a few tips down the road! It was great to see you and get to know you better. I was so excited at the Checketts home when everone was playing basketball to not be the only girl on the court. Raise your hands for the tall girls! :)

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