Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet Home Louisiana

Andrew and I are in Monroe visiting my hometown. Oh how sweet it is to be home. It's a healthy change of pace from an extremely busy lifestyle we've been living. I'm reminded that being home isn't so much about what you do, but more about who you see and get a chance to visit with about life and what's happened since the last time we were together. I love that.

Andrew walked in the door yesterday after running an errand and said, "You know what's so different about the South? Everyone drives so much slower. They don't seem to be in a hury." I appreciate his different observations especailly since he is from the Northeast. I don't prefer one difference over the other, yet I love being home soaking up the ways of the South. I respect them a lot more now that I have been living out west for 6 years.

Being home with my husband is so special. We've gone on long walks with the dog just as my parents do. Yesterday we had lunch with my Mommee and dinner with her at the club. I can't get enough of her. I just sat back and watched Andrew hit golf balls today. I saw some freinds I haven't seen in years. It's so much fun to introduce my husaband. And then just watch and enjoy the humidity as Andrew hits away. We turned on the lights last night for some good drive way basketball. Simple but special enjoying these things with my lover. It's like our courtship goes back in time a bit and extends back in my childhood as we do the very things I grew up doing so often.

I love coming home and feeling like not much has changed. I get a chance to step back in time a bit myself. Coming home is really special. I love the people. Andrew brings a great appreciation to home too because he recognizes the differences. When we stepped off the plane, he immediatly recognized the warm nights that he loves so much.


Dad had some Magnolia freshly cut for when we got home.

He also caught a turtle as a pleasant surprise too. I had pet turtles for most of the time living at home. For birthday parties, I would have 'turtle hunts' on the bayou.


Mari Kjar said...

aww the magnolias we just talked about. sounds like a great time. brings me back too. thanks for sharing. love you dearly.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

It all sounds amazing, and I LOVE the little turtle.. how cute is that little guy. My brother had baby turtles for awhile and I loved them.