Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Florals are packed...

Living out of a suitcase for a few months has already posed its challenges. I can't help but think back to when friends went off to summer camps with their huge trunks. I assume there wasn't a weight limit then on bags. And it didn't cost a fortune to bring a few bags either I suppose. I could really use some trunk space right about now. Meanwhile, I'll just try to salute this great Free People Steamer Trunk (sold a while ago but pics still lingering on the web).

I'm proud to say I'm only checking 1 bag. Over half of my clothes are on the outskirts too ready for another's love giving me the room I think I might need.

This Poppy Fields duffel is my carry on, which perfect for the destination in sight. Vera Bradley continues to amaze me with how durable it is. I put all my heaviest items in my tote (again allocating the weight to avoid that other fee) and the stitched handles still haven't failed me. I have a checked bag too of course.


Jessica (Karr) Swendsen said...

Brian just told me the other day the plans that you and Andrew have for the summer. Have an amazing time!! I will be checking your blog often to see pictures!! Wish we could have spent more time getting to know you guys. It was so fun to have another girl on the court that nite in Connecticut. Sorry about not sitting near you at the dinner in Utah. Would have loved to, but when you are playing the single mother role with 2 kids - there is little time left over for socializing. A bummer - and not so much a bummer. I love my babies! Anywho - take care and be safe! Oh - and love the bag by the way - reminds me of a Georgia O'keefe painting.

Dayna said...

that trunk is beautiful. so is your vera bradley.