Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Common Denominator...

This month's Sport's Illustrated has some amazing articles proceeding the upcoming World Cup. Soccer fan or not, I think all will appreciate the unifying aspect of soccer that knows no boundaries. Soccer truly does cross all boarders. From the plush fields of an English private school to the dirt roads of an African ghetto...


"Man United. More than the name of the world's most popular team, it's a description of the state of the planet beginning on June 11. For one month in South Africa, as 32 national teams compete in the World Cup, vast portions of the globe's six billion people will be bound in an all-consuming passion for soccer. At its most basic level—a handful of kids kicking what passes for a ball around whatever open ground they find—the game is a source of joy, sometimes a means of escape. At its pinnacle it defines nations and dissolves differences. In short, this simplest of games unites humankind like nothing else."

*As we were boarding onto our red eye flight last night, my husband said, "I get the goosebumps thinking about the world cup." Crazy enough, I'm beginning too as well.

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