Monday, June 21, 2010

Budapest Opera House...

My mom taught us kids to appreciate a good opera. Travel often revolved around a respectable opera or great performer. She is a true opera lover. Not the one that is there to just dress nice and be seen though.
Second to a great opera, she loves a great Opera House. She has taught me to appreciate these things too. It took a while, but I can genuinely say I really enjoy opera and it is special to me. Mom and Dad always brought us a little something home when they were away traveling. I remember this one time mom gave me a Santo Damingo CD. I was probably 10 maybe 12 years old and I was disappointed (such a brat). I remember mom saying, "One day you will love and appreciate this CD." It's true! I'm there, mom.

One of my precious opera memories is Pavarotti's last performance ever. It took place at the Met in NYC. I guess he didn't give a huge forewarning that it was his last. So when mom found out it was, we were for sure there. The standing ovation must have lasted 30+ minutes. My hands hurt. Everyone was crying and yelling Bravo at the end. I relive that moment every time I step foot in a beautiful opera house such as this one.


Carmen was playing at the Opera House that night. We were leaving out this evening though so couldn't see it. Getting tickets could of been tricky too... But enjoyed our little tour around. Madam Butterfly debuted here back in the day. That was interesting to hear considering that was the first opera I ever saw--in Houston I believe. They claim to have the 3rd best acoustics. I feel like they all have a similar statistic. The red with the gold is stunning. These colors are second only to the unique baby blue and gold at the Venice Opera House.

They were working on the set while we were touring.

Simple chandelier but beautiful mural overhead.

At the end of the tour these two sang a Bocelli duet as well as a song from La Traviata.

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Rachel Ricchio said...

OMG do you realize how lucky you were to be there for his last performance??? I am SO JEALOUS! i ALSO appreciate opera and i have to attribute that to my dad who loves to sing it!