Friday, June 18, 2010

NATO bombing in Serbia...

It's hard to believe the NATO bombings were so recent-1999. It is a bit serial to see the buildings that still stand but haven't been renovated quite yet. After learning more about the Kosovo tragedy, I'm glad we were able to step in and help it end. It's sad that this is what it takes though. It's neat to start far east in Europe and most west and see the economy and government system get progressively better.


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Anonymous said...

You're glad that the US stepped into the bombing?? You are one ignorant cow! Do you know how many children lost their lives thanks to the NATO intervention? How many innocent lives were lost? For what? And to stand in front of the ruined building which symbolizes despair though which Serbian people went during the war and to smile is outrageous. You should be banned to enter Serbia again. you Ignorant stupid cow.