Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What are the odds in Romania?

Before Andrew starts his internship, we decided on some travel a bit before he starts. We might as well while we can. It worked perfect to stop in London and scope out the housing situation.

To make a long story semi-short. My friend Jared, whose office was across from mine at work, told me about his brother-in-law who got a mission call to Romania. I informed him about my travel plans and jokingly said if we run into him we will take him to dinner. I casually asked him when I stopped by the office on my way to the airport which city he was in. He named some town 3 hours south of Bucharest. There was no chance to see him considering I was only going to be in Bucharest for a couple days on our excursion headed to west Europe.

So Andrew and I were having dinner in our hotel and I excused myself for the 'toilet' as they call it here. I was going down the stairs and without seeing the name tags, I recognized the white shirts and back pack from behind. I said, "missionaries?" but somewhat under my breath cause I wasn't sure.

They were relieved to see an American who knows good English (Romania isn't a tourist trap by any means so they are few and far between). I was asking them about the work here and talking a bit about the influence of the communist country of 20 years ago and how that affects the people's beliefs. I then mentioned that I had a friend of a friend in their mission who was from Utah but I couldn't remember the missionaries name. So I dropped my office buddies name and I realized this was the guy that I had heard so much about! I don't think I'm explaining this good enough. It was a crazy moment for me. I had though 'what if' a couple times over in my head when we got here.

What are the odds that I would run into missionaries in a country of 22 million people? And then see the 1 that is serving 3 hours south but was in Bucharest for 1 days for conferences. Small world!

This all happened last night. We met for dinner tonight. Andrew was able to talk about his mission a bit, and they were able to talk about the different cultures. Romania is 90% Orthodox. It is interesting to learn about the different customs and beliefs.

I love missionary work so much. Andrew's mission has blessed our marriage so much. It's incredible. Yes, my lover is 25 and still in school. But his 2 years mission experience has richly blessed our lives and our little family.

I took plenty pics of Elder Finch to email home to his family. What a great experience for us all.


lyndsey said...

that is hilarious!! such a small world. i'm sure jared was thrilled.

Jared said...

This is awesome! The family is thrilled about it. Thanks Mary and Andrew for taking him out to dinner

Ryan & Jerri Ann Finch Family said...
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Jerri Ann Finch said...

Thank you so much for treating my son (Elder Finch) to dinner and for taking pictures. I really appreaciate it!

Ana Lee said...

What a fun little experience! I hope you two continue to have an amazing time traveling! So excited for you!